Word of Mouth Magic

“Here’s How To Repeatedly Attract More Customers… Even If You’re On A Shoestring Budget”

Turning Your Customer Base Into A Free Sales Force, Creating Word Of Mouth Stampedes, And Exploding Profits Now …

An “insider” guide to creating sensational word of mouth that will supercharge your business, your wealth, and your life… even on a shoestring budget!

Word of Mouth Marketing Strategy

From: The Desk of David Breth

Dear Small Business Owner,

If you would like to have new customers on tap 24-hours a day, 7-days a week, without having to spend a lot of money, this will be one the most important messages you will ever read about your business.

Here’s why: Dr Martin Russell, Michael John and I are going to show you how to collect the buckets of money you have been leaving on the table, simply because no one’s shown you how easy it is to use fast “power word of mouth marketing” to grow your business. You see…

It’s All About Putting Your Word Of Mouth On Steroids!

I mean let us face it: Traditional word of mouth is too slow, unpredictable and cannot be activated on demand to create INSTANT cash-flow. It is sad, but if you use word of mouth the way 99.97% of businesses do, you will never become rich.

Now do not get us wrong. Word of mouth has probably put more businesses on the map than any other form of business promotion. But businesses that consistently get huge amounts of word of mouth do things extremely different to everyone else. So…

Imagine if you could take a solid, low-cost, proven marketing tool such as word of mouth … and super-charge it! It’s the ultimate marketing tool!

Here’s an example of Martin’s…

“Since Day 1 of my counselling and hypnotherapy practice, 98.4% of all my clients have come directly from referrals.”

And in the last 12 months, despite being one of the most expensive medical therapists in town, each referral has cost me less than the price of a letter and stamp!”

Word of Mouth Marketing Strategy

Of course, not every business could grow and thrive on referrals alone. But just so you can get a solid grasp on what we are talking about, consider this fact: – if you get just one referral from each customer you will…

DOUBLE Your Business! Word of Mouth Marketing Strategy

And imagine if you could do this just once (or even twice) in the next year! What would that do to your financial position, freedom, and life?

Now, some people think it is hard enough getting one referral for every ten customers. And you know what? They are right … if you try to do things the way they do!

But consistently we get referrals at will. Here is an example from Michael …

“I grew the customer base of my last business a whopping 237% in just 23 short weeks … solely by using word of mouth marketing!”

It was a hair-salon that was struggling when I bought it. I bought it to build it up and then sell as quickly as possible. And using power word of mouth of tools, every customer, on average, gave us two referrals!

“And when our new customers started referring their family, work associates and friends too, that’s when things really got going …

But do you know what surprised everyone about the business? There was not anything particularly special about it! It wasn’t flash, well known, or even in a “good area”.

The ONLY thing that separated us from everyone else was that we used tried and tested methods to actively and ethically create word of mouth. We were not passive. We didn’t wait and pray. And we certainly did not beg for referrals.

You see, as an entrepreneur, I buy a business, hire a team of employees, use powerful marketing to grow the business, then sell for a profit. I have used PR, direct mail, and advertising, amongst other methods. Yet, in my experience, nothing beats the power of word of mouth marketing!”

And these strategies work in almost any kind of business. For example, we personally use power word of mouth to grow our other business interests, our consulting work and now our online profits through this site.

But before we delve into how you can use these tried and proven methods in your business today, let us introduce you to some very interesting (and profitable) facts about word of mouth marketing. Here’s why word of mouth marketing is…

Much MORE Profitable Than Advertising! Word of Mouth Marketing Strategy

For starters, you can massively grow your business by word of mouth for $0! (And when we say zero, we mean zero!) But the benefits go much deeper than this. For example, according to marketing guru Jay Abraham, referred customers …

1) Spend More Money Each Purchase

2) Buy More Often

3) Are More Loyal

4) Refer More Customers

5) Trust You and Your Recommendations More

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And what’s more, they negotiate on price FAR LESS!

Therefore, word of mouth is the least risky (and most profitable) way to grow any business! And because word of mouth customers/clients are much more profitable, it will come as no surprise that if you are not yet systematic about word of mouth you are…

Sitting On A Goldmine!

What does this mean for you? Well… we have finally written the killer power word of mouth marketing book that, we believe, fills a huge void most business owners and marketers struggle in. It is called “Word Of Mouth Magic”. And it is 71 jam-packed pages we wish were around when we were starting out — a goldmine of every tested tool, strategy, and insight we ever successfully used to create hundreds of new customers, using word of mouth!

And oh, yeah… we will also show you, step-by-step, how to create the most sensational word of mouth marketing campaigns you will ever see. If you are involved in business in any way …

What You Discover Here Will CHANGE YOUR BUSINESS Forever

Listen, in a minute we will share with you what others have been saying about this killer book. But first we want to give you a small taste for how much this book will positively revolutionize your business, your life, and your finances. So… Here is just some of what you will learn when you get your hands on your copy of ‘Word Of Mouth Magic’

15 Proven ways to turn any customer/client base into a free 24-hour, 7-day a week sales force!

Home Buisness Marketing Advertising

After reading and then implementing this course, this is what Jessica Hornedo said, “After I turned on the Word Of Mouth Magic Machine and I stopped marketing my interior design business and my business started coming in via Word Of Mouth. Now, I am a consultant to interior designers that want their business to flourish — even in tough economic times!!!

The essential first 3 things you must do before you implement any word of mouth or marketing strategy! This will save you thousands! Word of Mouth Marketing Strategy

The single most important secret to getting referrals … and how you can ethically exploit it to get maximum profit!

A truly “no-brainer” (yet usually overlooked) way to attract the highest quality, most profitable. and most enjoyable clients by referral … automatically!

How to turn the deep frustrations that everyone feels into powerful, compelling reasons they should do business with you! (And why, when they buy, they will hang on to your business for life!)

How to easily “position” your business ahead of the competition so that friends, family, and associates of your customers want to do business with you!

Why you are already sitting on the best possible gold-mine — and the exact strategies to start to profit from it today!

The one huge (and extremely common) marketing mistake a beauty salon owner made that cost her hundreds of dollars needlessly — and how to make sure you never waste money the same way — irrespective of what industry you’re in! (This can save you even more than you currently spend on marketing right now!)

How to leap-frog your competition with tested, referral-generating strategies that are so simple to use that you’ll be amazed that everyone isn’t using them.

To story of an AMAZING, but very unusual, Australian dentist who’s locked the doors to his practice, and doesn’t take new clients without invitation, and yet … makes triple the income of an average Australian dentist and only works 3 days a week! (The insights you’ll learn from his story will make your business so much more profitable and enjoyable to work in)!

The real reason people buy anything — the secret truth long known by master salesmen, entrepreneurs and “high flyers” finally revealed!

How to save $10,000 a year on marketing costs using this simple little trick … and it only requires a few hours of your time … page 41 reveals it all!

“Insider tips” from an entrepreneur who works day in day out in the trenches of the small business world on how to shortcut your way to maximum business growth and success!

The shocking truth that 9 out of 10 business owners never find out about — and it’s costing them a fortune! Learn about the ultimate business investment and why simply reading pages 35 to 37 will change the way you think about (and do) business forever!

The sneaky trick that supermarkets use to increase sales … and how you can use it to jump the numbers of referrals each customer gives you … (plus you can use it to increase sales to each customer too!)

Word Of Mouth Magic will transform the way you look at business… and the profits you make. But don’t take our word for it. Listen to what these marketing experts have to say:

“Word Of Mouth Magic has captured the essence of growing any business fast using the ultimate marketing tool, word of mouth. If you want to become truly wealthy in business, then you’ve got to be using word of mouth. It’s the cheapest and most powerful way to jump your business profits. Buy Word Of Mouth Magic. Then read it over and over. It is the ultimate step-by-step guidebook to multiple streams of word of mouth income that will reward you for years to come. I highly recommend it!” Robert G. Allen. Author of the #1 New York Times Best Sellers, “Nothing Down” and “Creating Wealth”, as well as other New York Time Best Sellers “Multiple Streams Of Income” and co-author in “The One Minute Millionaire”

“I have published many books and information products on marketing for some of the world’s most outstanding marketers. However, I have never found information on referrals stated better with more exacting and effective strategies to get and keep customers and clients. What you have here is a must-read-and-practice-book for business people who want to develop their business on a rock-solid foundation that keeps paying them back year after year. “ Joyce Belle Edelbrock. President, RichWorld Inc.

“Amazing! ‘Word Of Mouth Magic’ really is a fool-proof, step-by-step roadmap to a lifetime of endless referrals! Use the strategies in this book and you will skyrocket the number of referrals you get and the profits you make!” Joe Vitale, International #1 Best-Selling Author and World-Renowned Marketer.

“‘Word Of Mouth Magic’ is THE way to do business and this book gives you the tools and strategies to make this work for you as you gain business the easiest and best way possible!” — Terri Levine, Author, “Work Yourself Happy” and “Coaching For An Extraordinary Life”.

“As a Business Growth Strategist, I get paid to help companies increase their profits and acquire new customers … The strategy described on page 51 can turbo charge the number of new customers your business gets. I highly recommend Word Of Mouth Magic.” — Larry Benet CEO of Outside the Box Inc and The Sales Advantage. “This is an utterly brilliant book! As a professional, I *thought* I knew how to get referrals, but this book showed me otherwise. I’ve only skimmed the surface on getting referrals! This book showed me how to do it to the max: ethically, professionally, financially. There are so many ideas that This book tells all and shows you a systematic way to do it. No professional or small business owner should be without this book.” — Joann Javons owner of Private-Practice-Marketing.com.

Word of Mouth Marketing Strategy

But wait … it gets better You see, we’ve only told you just a fraction of what you’ll learn in Word Of Mouth Magic. Power word of mouth marketing stretches way beyond what you’ve probably ever realized. For example, here’s how to…

Word of Mouth Marketing Strategy

Multiply The Profitability Of Any Marketing Campaign!

This is going to get your mind spinning almost out of control! So, sit back, take a deep breath and…

Imagine if you could increase the profitability of almost any marketing campaign (be it direct mail, internet marketing, advertising, PR etc.) by 50%, 100%, or even 600%. And no, we’re not talking about improving headlines, copy or any of that other stuff you can learn from thousands of other people.

We’re talking about using word of mouth marketing as one of the most powerful marketing multipliers for your business.

You see, what amazes us is that word of mouth is one of the best marketing multipliers available. But we’ve never heard any of these so called “marketing gurus” talk about this fact.

Either they simply don’t know about it, or they don’t want to share this secret.

Listen, since we’ve understood how to get referrals, we’ve been able to compel between 12% to 100% of our new customers from our direct mail, advertising, internet, and PR campaigns, to refer 1, 2, 3, 4 or more friends. What wouldn’t it be worth to you and your business to be able to do the same?

That is right… A Lot!

This is how we’ve been able to turn losing marketing campaigns into winners, and winners into hot “profit bonanzas”. We simply add on word of mouth to every marketing process we do.

If you do the same, we guarantee you’ll make more money!

By the way, are you starting to see that there’s more profit in word of mouth marketing than you first realized?

99.9% of the world’s business owners are completely unaware of the fantastic extra potential they have right under their noses… and it all comes from knowing how to turn your customer base into a free 24-hours, 7-days a week sales force. And we don’t know about you — we want our customers selling their friends, business associates and family about us and our businesses. And we want them to do it at parties … at functions … in shops… in schools … at the movies … at work… wherever they go! And you know what…

It is All Much Easier Than You Think!

Yes, it can be difficult to create mega-word of mouth… if you don’t have someone to show you exactly what to do — someone who has been there before and can show you the way. In Word Of Mouth Magic we reveal it all! We take you by the hand… show you what to do… guide you around the danger zones… it couldn’t be easier. Listen: there are so many killer mega-profit producing ideas in Word Of Mouth Magic. And just to make sure you understand what you’ll get, here are a few more of the scorching secrets you’ll learn from this “unfair” power word of mouth marketing guide …

✓ How to dramatically improve customer loyalty so your new customers become lifelong clients … with these simple, yet very powerful tips…

 The secret NUMBER ONE psychological principle — used by all super-successful sales people and marketers — that literally makes people take action immediately… and how you can use this “secret” principle to get your customers to refer people to you faster than ever before!

✓ The startling truth about why you’re doing your clients a disservice if you don’t ask them for referrals!

✓ The two ways you can think about what you do — one leads to at best average earnings, the other leads to riches. Which way are you thinking?

✓ How to boost your profits by sacking some customers (this one insight will change the way you look at customers forever!)

 The amazingly simple reason 80% of businesses go broke within the first 5 years … and how you can use this knowledge to literally become a DOMINANT player in your field!

✓ How to attract the customers of your dreams — 6 simple killer steps to a totally irresistible business… and “ownership” of the most profitable and enjoyable customers in your market.

✓ The little known… yet critically important steps … that you must do before you implement any word of mouth processes … so that you’re set up for a life-time of endless referrals and explosive profits.

✓ How to turn your company into the business everyone is talking about.

 The absolutely best time to ask for a referral (when you want a guaranteed yes!)

 The simplest and easiest way imaginable to ask for referrals so you never have to put yourself, your pride, or your emotions on the line by asking face to face.

✓ The Marketing Safety Net – The one single thing you must do to forever avoid costly marketing mistakes. (Chapter 10 exposes what the pros do so they profit big … without ever putting their hard-earned marketing dollars at risk.)

“Chapter three is worth far more than the price of this course. I personally implemented this one technique within one of my businesses and quickly became seen as the best choice in my geographic area and niche!!!” -David Breth

Sick of being seen as just another _______ (fill in your type of business)? The bullet-proof system in chapter #3 shows you how to become the #1 choice in your industry. (It is easier than you think! But you have to think differently than you do now. we will show you how!)

Word of Mouth Marketing Strategy

Simple, yet largely unknown marketing truths you need to know, understand, and use. What customers really think when you ask them for referrals … and how to use this one secret to create a stampede of new customers for your business. It’s all revealed in chapter 2!

Want More?

Look, we both know that human nature is to procrastinate. But can you really afford to? Let’s get real … no one knows what could happen to the economy. No one knows what your competitors could do…

Can you really afford to play Russian Roulette with your business by not stacking all the marketing odds in your favor?

And, because we want to make sure you can only win with this deal, you’re totally protected by our…

100% Ironclad Money-Back Guarantee!

You have a full 90 days to trial Word Of Mouth Magic in your business.

If you do not feel that Word Of Mouth Magic has been worth every penny you have paid OR if you honestly feel that you haven’t made at least 10-times your investment in extra profits by buying this course, just email us and we will refund you all the money you paid! Plus, we will let you keep the amazing Word Of Mouth Magic Course as a thank you for your time (no hassles period)! Yes, this is yours FREE forever!

This means that you can study every strategy, use every tactic, and benefit from every amazing insight you get from Word Of Mouth Magic for a full 90 days, absolutely risk-free!

Is that fair or what?

Re-read this guarantee for loopholes if you like. You will not find any. Our money-back guarantee is absolute. This is how sure we are that you’ll not only benefit, but massively profit from Word Of Mouth Magic. See if we are right!

But before you buy Word Of Mouth Magic, we have to let you know that there are some people this book will not help. So, let us tell you…

Who Should NOT Buy This Book …

We need to be brutally honest with you. After all it is our money on the line in this deal, not yours!

So, we need to explain who this book will and will not help…

Word of Mouth Magic will only make a massive difference to your business if you have good or above-average service and your customers like or love what you deliver.

You see, it does not matter how awesome these ‘word of mouth’ marketing strategies are — if you have a product or service that is below average, or that people just are not interested in, you are not going to get referrals. Period.

So please only buy this book if you really deliver honest value to your customers/clients … and in a way that is pleasant, enjoyable, and fair… because if Word Of Mouth Magic doesn’t perform for you – no matter what the reason is – we lose, not you!

So, by now, you’re probably asking…

“What’s It All Worth?”

Well, we could easily sell this book for hundreds of dollars considering how profitable the strategies are. (In fact, we were successfully selling Word Of Mouth Magic offline for $147.97)

Plus, we’ve literally spent far more than $24,094 learning, testing and optimizing the tools, tactics, and strategies contained in Word Of Mouth Magic. We’ve also spent 23 and a half months of our time perfecting these methods. So realize that what you’re getting is the culmination of a significant amount of our time and money.

But don’t worry, we are not going to charge you anywhere near what it cost us. We won’t even charge you near 1% of what it cost us!

So, for a limited time, we’re releasing these amazing strategies, tactics, and methods for ONLY $99!

Why’s the price so low?

Well, you will need to realize that online, our costs are fairly low. This means we can offer you all our strategies, tactics, and tools for literally pennies on the dollar! But …

If You Want To Get These Killer Strategies For This Insane Price You Need To Act Now!

As you can probably tell, with all the things you’ll learn, the incredible guarantee we’re offering, and the thousands of dollars you’re going to save from using our experience and costly learning (instead of yours), this course is a true bargain.

(After all, where else can you get a guaranteed return on your investment of 100%?)

But we are testing different prices.

This means we can’t say how long we’ll keep this special price open. After all, you are getting such a powerful end-result – a lifetime of endless referrals in every and any business you’re involved in. (Not to mention an easy increase in the profitability of almost every other marketing campaign you ever do!)

You’ll also get a complete “business overhaul workshop”. This is where we walk you through what it takes to build a bullet-proof foundation for your successful word of mouth-based business.

Plus: word of mouth is a marketing method that very few of your competitors are using to anywhere near the level they could be.

They are all focusing on the same old marketing methods everyone else uses.

This is just another reason that master marketers like Jay Abraham, Robert Allen and Jon Spoelstra all agree that word of mouth marketing is the easiest and best way to grow any business.

You see, power word of mouth marketing is an automatic way to separate yourself from everyone else in your field… even if your competitors have mastered advertising, PR, and other forms of marketing.

And since you’ve read this far we know you understand the massive potential that power word of mouth offers your business. And because this is the case, and looking at things this way, you know that…

You Really Can’t Afford NOT To Invest In The Future Of Your Business Right Now!

So, click here for an instant download of Word Of Mouth Magic. You can pay with any major credit card or PayPal, you will then be taken to a special download page where you will download Word Of Mouth Magic for easy printing or save the file on your pc/MAC.
You will be downloading and reading Word Of Mouth Magic within just a few minutes… and using it to create a stampede of new customers for your business. So, take advantage of this limited offer and get the ultimate, real-world education on how to use power word of mouth marketing in your business today.
To Your Incredible Success,
Word of Mouth Marketing Strategy
Word of Mouth Marketing Strategy

Dr. Martin Russell & Michael John
“Word of Mouth Magic” / Entrepreneurs

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P.P.S. Here’s What A Few People Who Have Already Learned These Secrets Have To Say…

“Over a 2 year period your course created a $300,000 a year income. My sales doubled in 3 months from the time I set up a disciplined referral program. This is true and I can document it.” -Brian McDonald, Austin, Texas

“I am a business attorney in Montreal, Canada. I have been so busy with clients since using just two of the techniques I picked up from your course.  Now I don’t even have time to do the rest. I hired two more employees to help me just to catch up. Your course really works.” -Ilias Kaperonis, Canada



“Hi, my name is Stephanie O’Donnell. I opened my own salon in January 2005, and shortly after I purchased “Word of Mouth Magic”. After reading this I was so pumped up to get to work the next day and start planning on ways to use your ideas to bring in more clients to my salon. After talking with the other stylists we decided to use the USP (unique selling proposition) method. Most of our clients usually complain of going to a hairstylist and asking for one thing but getting another. So we came up with this- “We listen to you needs and give you the look you want. If you are not happy before you leave, your appointment is Free!”  We have received so much positive feedback on this and our referral rate has doubled. Also I don’t know of any other salons around us that offer this. This has helped us gain new clients as well. I am so thankful for purchasing the “Word of Mouth Magic”. I still refer back to it to get new ideas. Thank you so much.” -Stephanie O’Donnell, Kentucky, USA



“In our retail pharmacy business (we) have increased sales in Vitamin & Nutrition department by 68% over last 6 months using WOM……find printing of personal business cards with consultant’s photo and work hours, which we ask satisfied customers to pass on to family & friends, excellent at building customer loyalty.” -Alan Blyth, New Zealand



“Two weeks before opening our business and for a month after opening we placed advertisements in the local paper, which has a circulation of 31,000, and had “no” response whatsoever. Around this time I had “stumbled” across your “Word of Mouth”. Last month, our second month of trading, rose by a whopping 51% placing our business now in profit mode after only six weeks of trading. Everyday we get new clients and 60% of them are due to referrals…when everybody was telling me that it would take at least 12 months for a new business to commence making a profit…I’m glad I didn’t listen to them!! So, thank you, for your valuable advice! Regards, -Valerie Carew-Reid, Queensland, Australia



“Ever since I was lucky enough to discover Martin Russell’s Word of Mouth method, I have included his URL and philosophy as part of my teachings. Before Word of Mouth Magic, it traditionally took a North American 3 years to build an entrepreneurial business which would entirely support oneself, and an additional 5 years of advertising before one could totally depend on a word of mouth reputation. Martin Russell has indeed taught the hungry entrepreneurs “how to fish”… instantly!” -Diana B Cherry, Canada



“The material I purchased from you is terrific….I’ve owned businesses for a number of years…always thought that I “got it” but you’ve made me realize that I have truly missed opportunities along the way. I recently purchased a business “a ways out” of my normal frame of reference and I was looking for info on referral marketing when I ran across your info. It’s good reading…..and in particular, I have appreciated the little followup email “tips” – really encourages me to open up the .pdf and review. It’s such a great way of reinforcing info and building on it. Thanks so much… I have already received more than a full return on my small investment with you.” -Merle Brown



“Thank you for your brilliant ideas and implementation examples. Finally some practical marketing  steps to increase bottom line for the small entrepreneur.” -Penny Govender



“Word of Magic has been very helpful to my husband who is the Sales Manger for a landscaping business. He feels that he is dealing with potential customers in a much more positive and persuasive manner since reading your book. We took a cruise just to relax and read and your book was foremost on his reading list. Thanks” -Sherry Butler



“Just finished your book “Word of Mouth Magic”.  I own and operate a fabric shop that specializes in quilting products.  We have 2 brick and mortar locations with an active website.  I have been frustrated in recent months with the traditional advertising options and your ideas and information are fresh and encouraging. I agree that the book I bought is just the one I need.  I will prescribe it as mandatory reading for my store managers and we will “kick butt”! -Deb Luttrell, Texas



“I have found the “Word of Mouth Magic” package extremely valuable in my business. I own, with my partner, a martial arts academy, which we run as a business selling training programs for self confidence and self esteem development, in addition to providing good self protection skills. The material and skills provided by the “Word of Mouth Magic” package enabled us to improve our program selling percentage by developing our rebuttal skills when selling the programs. Thanks for the excellent information and I recommend it to anyone interested in improving their sales hit rate.” -Dr Geoff Aitken PH.D.



“We are using the “Word of Mouth Magic” referral program to get new clients for our automotive service business. Right now we are offering “free gasoline” both to our new clients and the folks that refer them. This encompasses the “what’s in it for me” aspect for people referring clients to us. The new letters and cards offering the gasoline, which is something we all have on our mind right now, are just beginning to go out. But, so far the response is really good! We offer $10.00 in free gasoline to all new clients who spend $40.00 or more in parts and labor to have their car serviced. Our referral clients, who hand out cards to their friends, family, etc… can earn up to $45.00 in free gasoline! Fuel prices are on everyone’s mind right now, and we also are being sure to support our local charities who help out with winter heating costs for those many people who are struggling to keep warm during the winter months. We don’t actually use this as a promo for our business but we let our clients know that we support charities in our area on our website. Thanks! And thanks for the great ideas!” -Donna



“We concocted a variation of the referral programme, called the marketing partnership agreement. The programme rewards a family in the order of $50 off the cost of their $5,000 treatment for each qualifying family that attends a seminar that THEY organize. We know that if enough of the right associations and support groups are contacted 4-5 weeks prior to a presentation, we can expect a good turnout at any of those presentations. We get them to put together a list of the associations they are planning to contact about the presentation, as well as the contact persons within each organization. When their list reaches 20 names, we set a date, book a venue and produce the necessary collateral (posters, e-mails, press releases, brochures, etc) With the collateral in hand they then proceed to invite these organizations to promote the presentation to their membership. They understand that the more organizations they invite, the more people will attend, the more credits they will get. We usually manage to convert at least 10% of families that attend such seminars into clients, who will pay between $8,000 and $14,000 for the treatment. We propose this programme to families who qualify for the treatment but cannot afford to pay for all of it. We also find that volunteer organizations respond better to parents’ invitations than to ours. So, here is how we have implemented Word of Mouth Magic to help both parents who need the treatment but cannot afford it and ourselves to reach new markets with very little effort.” -Kim Pomares



“I have also been using the referral cards and giving my clients a discount or product with every three people they refer. This has been a great success.” -Stephanie O’Donnell



“As an Esthetician/ Makeup Artist in competitive Las Vegas, I knew just providing good service and having a positive attitude was not enough. I needed an “edge” and after reading your book, I have that edge.” -Laura Suzanne, Las Vegas. USA

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“Word of Mouth Magic” has armed me so that sales situations are a more relaxed and predictable. Being able to ‘mute’ the negative challenges and continue the flow is magical. Thanks” -Dave Deeley. Dental Salesperson

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