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Now, as great as this offer is, I know that some business owners, who would massively benefit from using the tools, principles and strategies in Word Of Mouth Magic, won’t order.

And while this is okay with me from a business standpoint, it still bothers me personally because I see so many businesses getting far less profit than they could easily get.

So, Dr. Russell sat down and had a brainstorming session with Michael John to come up with all the reasons why people may not take me up on this totally 100%-risk free offer. After a lot of thought and conversation, they could only come up with four possible reasons. Here they are:

Q: I know word of mouth is powerful, but will it work for my type of business?

A: People from all types of businesses and industries are using Word Of Mouth Magic. In fact, here’s just a short listing …



Hair-dressing Salons

Beauty Salons

Retail Stores

Car Washes


Medical Doctors


Legal Services

Internet Marketing



Interior Designers


Carpet Cleaners

Roofing Companies


Chartered Accountants

Business Consultants

Web Designers

SEO Specialists

Information Marketers



Health Spas

Laser Hair Removal

Seminar Companies

Mail Order

Home Based Businesses

Certified Public Accountants (CPA)


Carpet Cleaners


And more…

Q: I get referrals already. How will Word Of Mouth Magic help me?

A: Almost every business gets a baseline amount of word of mouth. The question is: how high can you go? Here are a few questions for you to find out where you’re really at with word of mouth marketing in your business…

How many word of mouth strategies are you currently using in your business? If you’re using less than one or two, you have massive scope for jumping your referrals — and profits substantially.

Do you regularly get multiple referrals from individual customers? Do you know how to make this happen on a regular basis?

Do you have systems to make sure every prospect and customer is systematically exposed to your word of mouth strategies?

What percentage of your customer base are continually referring new customers to you? Would you like to get that percentage in the 50% to 100% range?

If you’d like to learn how to get so many referrals that you never have to spend money on marketing again, then Word Of Mouth Magic is for you.

Q: How is Word Of Mouth Magic delivered to me? I’m not very technically minded. Is it complicated?

A: Everything is delivered digitally. When you’ve ordered, you will be taken to a download page where you can save Word Of Mouth Magic and the bonuses to your hard drive. Everything is fully explained in English, not tech-talk 🙂 so you should have no difficulties.

If in the rare case you don’t know how to download the files, just email me and I’ll email everything to you (or walk you through what you need to do). But rest assured everything is actually very simple!

Q: I’m still unsure. I need to ask you a question before I decide to buy. Can I E-mail you?

A: Yes, please do. We are here to help you in any way we can. You can email the managing president of Apple Pie Business Consulting which oversees Word Of Mouth Marketing at david at or you can email Martin Russell at martin at and they will answer your e-mail personally.

Also make sure you sign up for our free “Word Of Mouth Secrets” mini-course. It will give you a very beneficial introduction to word of mouth marketing and my perspective on marketing and word of mouth

And remember that you’re fully protected by my 90-day 100% money-back guarantee. I firmly believe that if you don’t get amazing benefit from Word Of Mouth Magic, I don’t deserve to keep your money. Period.

Click here to get instant access using our safe and secure server.

Here’s what people are saying:

“Word Of Mouth Magic has captured the essence of growing any business fast using the ultimate marketing tool, word of mouth. If you want to become truly wealthy in business then you’ve got to be using word of mouth. It’s the cheapest and most powerful way to jump your business profits. Buy Word Of Mouth Magic. Then read it over and over. It is the ultimate step-by-step guidebook to multiple streams of word of mouth income that will reward you for years to come. I highly recommend it!” -Robert G. Allen. Author of the #1 Best Selling Financial Book Of All Time, “Nothing Down”, as well as other New York Time Best Sellers “Multiple Streams Of Income” And “Multiple Streams Of Internet Income”.

“I have published many books and information products on marketing for some of the world’s most outstanding marketers. However, I have never found information on referrals stated better with more exacting and effective strategies to get and keep customers and clients. Your book is a must-read-and-practice book for business people who want to develop their business on a rock solid foundation that keeps paying them back year after year.” -Joyce Belle Edelbrock, President, RichWorld Inc.

“Amazing! ‘Word Of Mouth Magic’ really is a fool-proof, step-by-step road map to a lifetime of endless referrals! Use the strategies in this book and you will skyrocket the number of referrals you get and the profits you make! I highly recommend it!”. -Joe Vitale, International #1 Best-Selling Author, “Spiritual Marketing”, And World Renowned Marketer.

” ‘Word Of Mouth Magic’ is THE way to do business and this book gives you the tools and strategies to make this work for you as you gain business the easiest and best way possible!” . -Terri Levine, Author, “Work Yourself Happy” and “Coaching For An Extraordinary Life”.

“As a Business Growth Strategist I get paid to help companies increase their profits and acquire new customers … The strategy described on page 51 can turbo charge the number of new customers your business gets. I highly recommend Word Of Mouth Magic.” -Larry Benet CEO of Outside the Box Inc and The Sales Advantage

“This is an utterly brilliant book! As a professional, I *thought* I knew how to get referrals but this book showed me otherwise. I’ve only skimmed the surface on getting referrals! ‘Word Of Mouth Magic’ showed me how to do it to the max: ethically, professionally, financially . He gave so many ideas that I couldn’t put the book down: my mind was buzzing! This book tells all and shows you a systematic way to do it. No professional or small business owner should be without this book.” -Joann Javons, Owner of

“I have just read your ‘awesome’ ebook ‘Word Of Mouth Magic.’ Sure I have read and heard countless times about USP, WIIFM…but your approach is incredibly practical, useful and tested. Now I know how to attract and keep happy clients:-) for my online business. The exercises and lessons you are offering are of great value. Dr Paddi Lund’s ‘case study’ is real meat indeed. I am eager to apply some of these proven tactics to my wife’s offline business: a beauty salon. Have a Great Day and Keep up the good work.” -Joel Bomane, Editor of “Home Netpreneurs Newsletter”, France

“You are doing quality work and then adding value on top of it like this is truly inspiring. Thank you for being a MODEL for A Caring Business Practice. Your enthusiasm and professionalism get me quite excited and inspired for my own business.” -Jimm Hughey

It is okay!

Yes, even if you choose not to
order the
Word Of Mouth Magic Course.
As a way to “thank you” for reading our sales page —
we want to give you a gift.


We are sorry there isn’t enough room on this web site to teach you everything we want to about generating a massive numbers of new customers and clients to your business!

We have put together a multi-part mini-course to teach you tons of create word of mouth referrals TODAY, step-by-step. And this mini-course is yours FREE.

Learn all about referrals v other marketing methods, the world’s greatest salesman, how to market with as little as zero dollars, an entire Word-of-Mouth Strategy, and much, much more!



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